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Awards and Honors

2014                    Golden Emile Kraepelin Medal, Munich, Germany

2014                    Professor of Honour, China Medical University, Shenyang City, PPR China

2014                    Laqueur Lecture, Dutch Endocrine Society

2011                    NIEHS Distinguished Lecturer 

2010                    Knighted in the Order of the Dutch Lion (Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw)

2010                    Identified as author of most cited Nature Neuroscience Review article 2005

2008                    Lifetime Achievement Award,  International Society for Psychoneuroendocrinology

2008                    Promotor of Doctor h.c. Florian Holsboer, University of Leiden.

2007                    ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award; European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

2005                    Geoffrey Harris Prize: European Federation of Endocrine Societies.

2004                    Academy Professorship Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

2003                    Allan Munck Guestprofessorship, Dartmouth University, Dartmouth, USA

2001                    Identified by as one of the 250 most cited  neuroscientists

1998                    European medal  – British Endocrine Society.

1998                    Emile Kraepelin Guestprofessor Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich.

1987                    Dutch Pharmacology Prize