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Curriculum Vitae


Address: Division of Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands. Phone: +31-651722786,,



MSc                      Utrecht (The Netherlands)          1968                   Chemistry

Ph.D.                    Utrecht                                           1972                   Neuroendocrinology


Employment record

2004-                   Academy professor of the  Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

1990-2009          Professor & Head Department of Medical Pharmacology, Leiden University

1975-1990          Rudolf Magnus Institute, University of Utrecht, Associate Professor.

1973-1975          Rockefeller University, New York, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow.

1969-1973          Organon International BV, Oss, The Netherlands, Research Fellow.


Organisation  International Neuroscience Schools

2009                  Organizer FENS Summerschool ‘Neurodevelopmental programming and phenotypic plasticity’,   

                           Rhodes, September 6-13, 2009.

2002                  Organizer High Level Scientific Conference: 10th Elba Neuroscience School on Neurobiology of  

                           ‘Stress in Health and Disease’, may.

1996                 Organiser 5th Elba Neuroscience School on "Neurobiology of Stress", September

1987                 Organizer  (with W Rostene) European Science Foundation ‘ Autumn Schools in the

                          Neurosciences, Santa Margaritha

1986                 Organiser (with W Rostene) European Science Foundation "Autumn Schools in the

                          Neurosciences".Spetsai , Greece


Organisation of major international conferences/symposia/workshops

2013                 Organizing  committee 43rd  ISPNE Congress Leiden

2010                 Co –chair Biannual Meeting of the International Society of the Investigation of Stress

2010                 Local Organisation Committee FENS-Amsterdam

2009                 Organising Committee European Federation Endocrine Societies, Istanbul

2006                 Chair, Academy Colloquium on ‘Stress hormones and PTSD: basic and clinical studies.

2006                 Chair XXXVIIth International Conference Psychoneuroendocrinology, Leiden

2000                 Chairman Organising Committee: "Nuclear Receptors in the Brain: Potential target for

                            therapeutic agents"; Leiden, The Netherlands.

1998- 2010      Organiser of the Annual Marius Tausk Visiting Professor Lectures and Workshops.

1996                 Organiser 40th Oholo Conference, Zichron Jacov, Israel (Book edited).

1994                 Chairman New York Academy of Sciences Conference "Brain Corticosteroid Receptors; studies

                            on the mechanism, function and neurotoxicity of corticosteroid action". (Book)

1994                 Chairman Progr Committee 3rd Congress Neuroendocrinology, 3-8 July, 1994; Budapest

1990                 Organising Committee, VIIIth International Congress on Hormonal Steroids, Amsterdam.

1986                 Chairman Organising Committee "Neuropeptides and Brain Function", Utrecht.


Science Management activities

2016                    Scientific Advisory Board BIAL Foundation

2016                    International Research Council, South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk

2013                    Expert panel University of Louvain peer review Biomedical Sciences

2010                    Advisory Board DFG Excellence Initiative – Psychology and Neuroscience

2008                    ECNP Award Committee

2008-2012         Advisory Board Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Epidemiology, Edinburgh, U K

2003-2014         Chairman Scientific Advisory Board Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich

2003-2013         Board “Internationale Stichting Alzheimeronderzoek”. (Chair since 2008)

2003-2007         Vice Chairman VICI selection committee Netherlands Science Foundation

1999-2003         Advisory Board "Institutes for Life Sciences", Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences.

1996-2005         Board Graduate School Neurosciences Amsterdam.

1994-2000         President "Netherlands Endocrine Society" (> 500 members).

1993-1998         Chairman Scientific Advisory Board "Netherlands Institute for Brain Research".


Editorial Boards  

J Neuroendocrinology (receiving editor, 1989-1998): Stress (Editor-in-Chief and co-founder, 1996-2000); Neuroendocrinology (1989-1994); Hormones & Behavior (1995- 2001); Endocrinology 1998-2003, J Neuroscience Research (1993-1999). Current editorial boards: Psychoneuroendocrinology; J Psychiatr Res; Eur Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience; J Steroid Biochem & Molecular Biology; Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology,


Scientific Advisory Boards

Corcept Therapeutics                2001   to date - member of scientific advisory board, shareholder

Pharmaseed                                2012   to date  - member of scientific advisory committee

Dynacorts Therapeutics            2011   todate - Chief Scientific Officer, share holder


Patents and patent applications

P4379EP: MR genotyping distinguishes subgroup of patients. Use of genotyping of the MR which will help to identify people at risk for depression or anxiety disorders. Inventors RH de Rijk, MD Klok and ER de Kloet

INV-09LU247:Biomarkers for determining treatment type for depression, supplementary filing of European.Patent Application No 09252465.1.